Thursday, June 2, 2011

Contactándome con Fred otra vez

Esto escribí en un sitio de Fred Matser, un filántropo holandés hacia el que siento una profunda simpatía. Me gusta su forma de poner conceptos complejos en formas simples.

Hello, I met Fred Matser in 2008 at the ANH Conference.
Back then, I offered people exposed my plans to migrate to a rural area in Bolivia and generate wealth with the locals.
Since then, I've been working with that goal in my heart and mind. Being an Ethnographer, I studied how to generate value with my neighbors in Cuevas. So now we have a plan we've just started to put into motion.
I'd like to share our plan with you, and invite you Fred and others to help. I'm  convinced it's not money what we need, but processes to strengthen local capacities, "organizational capital", and joyful -though strategically designed- local plays.
Please take a peek at the:
1) My culture-based Concept of Value generation through Collective Joy generation

2) Our Kick-off on May 1st 2011 (English google translation)

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